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Taizhou Hongjie Industrial Trade Co., Ltd. is located at the plastic injection molds hometown Huangyan district, Taizhou city, Zhejiang province.
Our company is famouse for producing button making machine series, heat transfer machines series and the consumables for both of the above series. The button making machines series are divided into two categories: Manual ones and Pneumatic ones. Both button making machines are equipped with interchangeable round, oval and rectangle moulds of ten sizes, which can be used to produce round, oval and rectangle badges, bottle opener, mirror, flashing badge, etc scores of elegant gifts and promotional products.
The heat transfer series including T-shirt transfer, mug press, plate press and cap press machines and the consumables for heat transferring such as sublimation ink, colorful computer printer, heat transfer paper, bronzing film, T-shirt, coating mug, coating plate, cap, photo frame etc.
We can offer good quality, reasonable price and best service for our customers.Please feel free to contact us for further information.

The latest portable magic wheel researched and developed by Taizhou Hongjie Industrial CO., LTD. Has been put on the market. Magic wheel is the multi-functional and convenient transport in modern. Now we formally start to accept orders. Young office workers are experiencing portable magic wheel.
The portable magic wheel users can shuttle to and fro easily across the crowd in the street. It will be convenient for the urban white-collar workers who are troubled by rush hours. Some business persons are interested in the red and black portable magic wheel. No matter by train or work in office, it will not take them in any trouble. The magic wheel consists of one big wheel about 25 inches in diameter (64CM) and one small wheel which is used for the stability of the whole magic wheel. The maximum load for magic wheel is 150 kilograms. It weighs 6.5 kilograms, so it’s easy and convenient to carry into the subway or offices, leisure parks and shopping centers and so on. Dealed with and processed in an special way, outer plastic of it is strong and uneasy to damage. The rider should put one foot on one side of the pedal and step on the ground with the other foot firmly to move forward. When the magic wheel has sufficient momentum, the rider can put the other foot on the pedal, move together with the wheel forward.
Mr. Zhou Bangxiang said: "Magic wheel is one of energy-saving and environmental protection projects which are encouraged in the country and the world. China has the largest population in the world. For Shanghai and Beijing citizens who have to take the subway and bus to work, the magic wheel is a good helper for them.. Once you master the skills to ride it, you will be able to travel freely among the crowd." Riders can master it after 2 hours practising.
At the beginning, riders might think it is not easy to control. But if you can get its know-how, you will feel it is easy like riding a bicycle. It takes common users several hours to practise them, then you can put your feet on the pedals at ease and stand on them to ride on. It is found easier to control and faster to ride than you image.
We feel that the sale of magic wheel will have a promising future in the world. I think the sale of magic wheel will surge if they shows up all over the world. It is the ideal helper of busy businessmen, and at the same time it becomes more and more popular among young skating-lovers.

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